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[RC] Boots will change a horse's gaits. - Dream Weaver

So I pulled out my barrier boots (one still has the price tags on - from
1999!)  And caught my newest addition to my 'endurance string'.  I've just put her
back in conditioning, and since she's been barefoot for 8 months, I felt she
was the perfect 'victim' to test this boot idea on...

Eeeeeek!!! Don't ride with those boots, they don't have the tread or the material for riding in and it's not safe.  Seriously, your horse could have a major wipeout with the tread on those! 

I'm going to keep getting these two used to the boot idea. I think it'll help
the concussion from the roads, and save money at the same time!  But man,
it's amazing how boots/bell boots will really change a gaited horse's gaits!!!
They don't tell you this in their advertising!

I'm sure my horses (that are used to using riding boots) would move really weird in a barrier or soaking boot too.  In fact, they'd probably slip and fall in their butts.  You're lucky that your horse is that coordinated to stay upright.  ;-)

That being said -- everybody who wants to ride a horse with a boot either over a shoe or over a bare hoof should spend the time necessary to get the horse used to going in them just as they would take the time to get the horse used to any other type of new tack.  Some horses will adjust rather rapidly while others will take longer and some will quite possibly never find boots suitable for them.  When I got Weaver and Rocky ready to use 4 boots for the 2001 XP I spent six months riding them that way even though they both had already done thousands of miles with boots on their fronts.  After that ride they had gotten so accustomed to using 4 boots that I continued to ride them that way because they feel and move better that way. 

I've seen many many many horses have boots put on them for the first time at or during an endurance ride and continue on without any ill effects.  I wouldn't recommend doing that, but if it happens that person wouldn't be anywhere near the first person to do it.  ;-) 

If you are planning on doing any endurance rides (50 miles and up) next ride season using boots over bare hooves you may want to consider entering the hoof boot contest.  Not only is there $10,000 that can be won (and I'm not eligible to win any of that) but there are going to be lots of other fun contests and promotions available to those who are entered in the contest.  Here is a link to the 2007 entry forms, verification forms and rules.