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Re: [RC] [RC] QUARTER HORSE PEOPLE - HELP! - Jessica Cameron

Absolutely. Have you ever tried to have a conversation about bloodlines with a die hard QH fan? Talk about exhausting. Hell would have to freeze over before any of them believed that their precious QH might have arab blood. :) Also, these same people will try to tell you that arabs have no cow sense which is complete and total hog wash. But, that's another topic. :)

Jessica in MT

From: Chris Paus <chrisnstar@xxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: chrisnstar@xxxxxxxxx
To: Beth Leggieri <trailyaya@xxxxxxxxx>, ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:50:03 -0700 (PDT)

Hey and ya wanna know something that a lot of people hate to admit? Some of those old foundation lines had... um... gasp.... ARABIAN blood in them! Some of them from the old ARmy remount program which used WitezII.


Beth Leggieri <trailyaya@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    From one who knew nothing but Quarter Horses until a few years ago:

I've had Foundation QH, Appendix QH, and the "new" QH with Impressive lines (that can carry HYPP). You cannot beat the old foundation lines. They are tough, they've got good minds and great bone, and if you're lucky, nice big bucket feet that will hold up forever. Our foundation bred mare died at 33 after having done everything from team roping to Pony Club jumping to working in harness to hauling around beginning riders. And yes, she did Training Level dressage tests!

If you start looking at the old lines, you'll find some interesting blood in there. Joe Hancock, a 100% foundation stallion, has Percheron in him -- you can see it in the bones and "big hips" the Hancock line is famous for among the ranch sales and roping stock--as well as their work ethic and tractability--so with a bit of creative stretch, we could call the Hancock line the Quarter Horse "warmbloods," and we know how those horses do in dressage!

And to make this endurance related, there are some really nice QH out there doing endurance! Go QH!

Beth, Texas

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?A short horse is soon curried?

Chris Paus

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