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[RC] saddle twist - Jonni

I had always thought "saddle twist" was rider fit, not how the saddle fits
the horse. But, I could be wrong. I did find another website, that had the

**Twist width vs. Tree Width
Twist widths are listed here for most saddles only as a guide to help you
with preliminary saddle selection. Twist width is the width of the tree at
its narrowest. The right twist for you is determined by your pelvic width,
equestrian ability... as noted above. Twist width is just one of the many
factors that determine what makes a saddle feel good to you.
Tree width, on the other hand is the width and angle of the points of the
tree protruding down from the pommel. These should parallel your horse's
back. Select twist width for your comfort. Select tree width to fit your

Now, that being said, the two saddles that have fit my husband the best,
with narrow twists were very different. The first was an english saddle,
that was also for a narrow horse. The current saddle, that fits him well is
an Ortho-Flex patriot. Of course, the OF panels on this particular saddle
did not work on any of our horses. Often for that narrow twist, the saddle
"peaks" more. Kind of like an A frame house, vs. a wide twist, which would
be more like a flat Spanish adobe house <grin>.

Robert, it is a tricky thing to find a saddle to work well for the horse AND
the rider at times. Some riders can deal with any type of saddle, while
others end up with pain if the saddle is not just right for their body.

Oh, I also seem to see the saddles twist mentioned more with english saddles
than others.



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