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Re: [RC] saddle twist - Don Huston

Hello Jonni,
That was a very good link about saddle fitting but I've always thought that the first and foremost use of "twist" on a western style tree was to make that tree fit the horse but of course it can help fit a rider too as long as the narrower twist does not cause a line of pressure from the edge of the bars resting on the horse's back instead of the flat side of the bars. Here is my rough explanation of "twist" and why a saddle tree can have more or less of it to fit various horse backs. Picture a rubber saddle tree shaped to fit the withers all the way back, it would look like a sawhorse. Then you take the two back legs of the sawhorse and "twist" them apart to an angle flat enough to fit the flatter shape of the horse's back. IMHO the newer treeless and flexible panel saddles can fit the "twist" much better than a rigid tree but seem to have other drawbacks. It's an age old battle to find that better fit.
Don Huston <donhuston@xxxxxxx>

[RC] saddle twist, Jonni