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Re: [RC] club foot vs hi/low syndrome, grazer toe - Diane Trefethen

Opal Perry wrote:
...I think that dip is caused from him leaving that one back when he eats
off the ground.  I've watched him at rides in particular, when he's eating
out of his pan, his right front leg is always forward, the left is always
back...   If you can think of a way to get him to put the other leg back
(kind of switch between so they even out more) please let me know.. so far
he doesn't listen when I tell him to switch legs!!  LOL

I doubt there is much one can do about browsing horses or those in large pastures but one can change how one feeds small numbers on small acreage or in paddocks.

1) Use hay racks or other elevated feeding containers instead of ground
feeding. That way the only eating off the ground will be the snicks.
2) Feed grain and supplements from a bucket hung roughly chest high, the horse's, not yours :)
3) At rides, always feed hay from a haybag hung on the trailer and likewise feed all grain, supplements and goodies (and water too!) in a bucket hung off the trailer. This is particularly easy when you tie your horse instead of using a pen.

If the feed is easy to reach flat footed, the horse will do so.


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