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Re: [RC] Epona Shoes - Chris Paus

Bravo for you wanting him sound.
There are several things to consider about the type of shoes you select, whether they be eponas, equithotics, sneakers, boots, steel shoes, natural balance, whatever.
1. your horse's hoof type and size... the hoof wall, sole, etc. how sturdy are they
2. your horse's way of moving.. does he normally travel straight, does he swing his legs from side to side, does he overreach or interfere?
3. What kind of terrain and conditions will you  be riding in. I talked a lot with the purveyors of synthetic shoes at convention this spring. I am interested in them. But the concensus was that on the soil type where I ride, clay, which gets extremely slick when wet, the plastic shoes are probably not the best choice. They are a better choice in other parts of the country.
Good luck. It was so simple a couple of decades ago!

Lucinda Carpe <kharakterc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I do not want to stir a hornets nest with a shoes vs barefoot controversy.
I am having some barefoot problems with my horse...Basically an incompetent "natural trimmer" got her hands on my horse (my fault).. Now I am trying to restore his soundness.
In the event that proper trimming over a few cycles fails...can anyone address the benefits or downside of synthetic shoes? I would be most interested in the Epona brand and have read their site...would like to have input from individuals currently using them for trail or pleasure. I primarily ride dressage with a couple of good long trail rides a week to relax us both. My horse is an Arabian and is 8 yo.
Never been shod and never been really off until now. He is clean legged and his digital x-rays were inconclusive and the finger pointed at the bad trims he had been receiving for 4 months. with the end result being a lameness 1/5 on the left fore.
He was properly trimmed this past Friday and I had him out for a test ride. He was ok but stepping carefully on hard ground. I stayed in the soft shoulders of the dirt roads as much as possible. Advice on the Eponas please.E-mail privately if you like.
Please let us not fight regarding shoes vs barefoot. I only care about my horse and want him sound again!

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Chris Paus

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[RC] Epona Shoes, Lucinda Carpe