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Re: [RC] call it Endurance? Long, probably TOO long - Barbara McCrary

As I recall, the shorter rides were initiated to give newcomers a venue for introducing themselves and horses to the sport. Then it became an issue when riders began accusing 50-milers and others of "treating them like second class citizens." Now if that is not a hurtful statement, I don't know what is. It has huge meaning. Then LD riders began demanding awards and equal recognition. Gradually, the whole issue was blown out of proportion.

There is nothing wrong with the shorter ride, but it should be used for its original intention, not a stand-alone division. The idea is to move up to longer distances, not stay in LD forever.

I don't much care for the term Limited Distance, but I think that was all we could think of at the time. Perhaps it's time to rename it something more appealing. Introductory Ride is certainly descriptive. Perhaps Novice Ride....
As a thought, what about limiting newcomers to a certain number of the introductory rides? Say 5 per horse, and then the rider is expected to move up to longer distances on that horse. I would be perfectly happy to see all awards for introductory rides abolished, except perhaps for patches. We've made a whole new awards category for a distance that should have been a trial distance for moving up.

My first experience was a challenging 50-miler for which both I and my horse were totally unprepared. I would have welcomed a shorter ride to practice on. But I did find that an unconditioned horse can do 25 miles, so that does not challenge anyone to work at conditioning a horse for greater feats.

I don't really care what the solution is, if people would just stop this constant bickering over something that is so trivial and just get on with riding. Remember, if nothing else, our by-laws state "endurance is 50 miles or greater." You can't dispute that.

I've probably said too much already.....


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I believe that the main problem is that LD was formalized in a way that angered a lot of Endurance riders. A relatively small number of people, for whatever reasons, lead the charge to obtain greater recognition for the limited distance rider by getting on the BOD and then exerting sufficient influence to obtain a limited distance program that mirrors that of the longer rides.


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