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[RC] call it Endurance? - Steph Teeter

Cindy says: I don't care what the LD riders call themselves as long as
it's not "endurance." >>>

The rest of the world calls all of the distances Endurance. The distances
are all part of the sport of Endurance Riding.

Yes, I know we're not the rest of the world, but IMO this is such a silly
semantic difference (which has a polarizing effect on the membership). And
the difference is derived from a single AERC BoD motion years ago that
determined that AERC would sanction distances under 50 miles, but only if it
was called 'Limited Distance'. At some AERC meeting, a majority of people
who at that time made up the AERC BoD cast one vote to sanction mileages of
35 to 25 as Limited Distance. This vote determined that 50 miles and up
would be called 'endurance' and 25-35 miles would be called 'limited
distance'. (an odd name). Things change, people change. The important thing
is that the essence of the sport remains the same, and that we are all
working together to preserve the sport and protect the horses.

I am personally in favor of calling all of the distances Endurance riding.
Get rid of 'Limited Distance'.  Call it Novice level, or Introductory
endurance, or something which is meaningful, but for heavens sake it's all
still the sport of Endurance Riding. Wouldn't it be simpler for all of us to
say we are Endurance riders, even if some days we ride 100 miles, and some
days only 30 miles? It's about the preparation and the challenge and
accomplishment, not about the particular distance you do on a particular

If the US goverment can change names (French Fries to Freedom Fries and back
again to French Fries (last week)) then AERC might be able to do it too:)



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Re: [RC] re: 100s discussion, Cindy Collins