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Re: [RC] [RC] 100s discussion//defining endurance-marathons - Beverley H. Kane, MD


You bring up a good analogy with marathons. However I don't know anyone who
identifies h-self as a "marathoner."  The categories in runner's parlance
are mainly track (and within that discipline, the more anaerobic vs. aerobic
distances), cross country, 10Ks, and distance running (half-marathons,
marathons, ultramarathons). These divisions are based on each one's
qualitatively different requirements metabolically, biomechanically, and

I'm not fond of the term LD, as I think "limited" is a pejorative label,
possibly deterring folks from doing anything so devalued, and thus avoiding
distance/endurance riding altogether. And as attested by the number of
takers for the 10-15 mile fun rides (e.g., East Bay Elevator Ride), even
25-35 miles is a *huge* quantitative -and- qualitative leap for some
people--like the leap from a 5-mile xc run (or 10K) to a half marathon. I
have suggested we change the designation to "Long Distance" and thus adopt
the psychological marketing techniques of producers of olives and Japanese
condoms, which are large, extra large, and jumbo.

Last month's Endurance News solicited suggestions for attracting new members
to AERC, whose growth rate is currently flat. I suggest that closing the
chasm between LD and endurance, at least semantically (how about "SE" for
"short endurance"), might make us attractive to more trail riders.

At the end of the day, "endurance" is whatever we AERC members choose to
define it as, with more or less thought to exclusivity vs. ease of entry to
our sport.

1 marathon
6 half-marathons
2 10 mi
TNTC 5 & 10Ks
2 50s
0 LDs

On 8/8/06 12:36 PM, "Cindy Collins" <ccollins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Back to my "marathon" example, which everyone answering me chooses to
ignore...I would NOT say "in the office" that I was a marathoner if I run
3 Ks.  I might say I'm a short distance runner or jogger.  Would I be
honest to say I was a marathoner?  Can you imagine?  I don't care what the
LD riders call themselves as long as it's not "endurance."   What's wrong
with limited distance horseback competitor...then, explain it to them.
Most of us have to explain our relatively obscure sport, anyway.  What no
one will say explain to me is why there is this need to claim an honor one
hasn't yet earned?  And, when some of us question that habit...we are made
out to be mean-spirited and arrogant.  What's with that?!  I can easily
see the day coming when I will only be able to ride 25 miles.  That's OK,
too.  But, I won't say I just rode an endurance ride.  I'll say I had to
give up endurance riding due to health and continue to support the AERC
and my local rides by riding LDs.    Cindy


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Re: [RC] re: 100s discussion, Cindy Collins