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Re: [RC] re: 100s discussion - Kris

Cindy said:
Most of us have to explain our relatively obscure sport, anyway.

I just have to share, because it's too funny not to. I have 3 horses: a half
Arab mare (Belle, in the recent AWESOME ride story by Dawn Carrie), and two
TWH geldings. I'm at Texas A&M, and recently moved them to the best barn I
could find for the money, where they have 25 acres of turnout, get fed in
the morning, and turned out for $75 a month each. Not bad. It also happens
to be 100% QHs that all rodeo in some way (most all of them are roping

My horses stand out like a sore thumb, so everyone recognizes them, and
everyone has all kinds of questions about what i do with them, and why i
ride a crazy Arab, and what's endurance all about and such. Well, the other
day, One guy I hadn't seen before came up to me and said "What exactly do
you DO with these horses?" (Because clearly I can't rope on them, and what
else is there to DO with a horse?), and I told him that two of them were
English horses but that I hated to show, and that I rode endurance. He
pondered that for a minute, and then said "You mean like, running, and
stuff?" I told him something like that and walked away quickly so i wouldn't
offend him with my laughter. :-)



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