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[RC] Comments on John Crandell III's ride - Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

> Yes, it is good to *wait* till a horse has a base, but then
> there is the window of opportunity when the horse has that
> base, and the joints have the least wear.
> ...
> I honestly think I waited too long to do my horse's first 100
> and wasted some of his best years.

One of the comments that John made at the Awards was basically
along those lines. He said that Heraldic was supposed to be his
father's horse, but after his father was injured (last year?),
John had taken the horse on because it was time and the horse
couldn't wait.

> The great horses will be great just about any way they are managed.

and oh, how John managed Heraldic on the day!

Kim Fuess:
> ...from following the webcast, it was quite obvious that this
> rider used great strategy in this race.  After watching the
> splits for the front runners, it looked like the first place
> finisher had a lot of horse left at the finish.  Although, it
> isn't common the the winner is awarded the Hagin Cup, it didn't
> surprise me in the least in this case.  On paper, it looked
> like a perfect run from start to finish- saving a lot of horse
> for the finish.

John's strategy seemed to pay off big time - he paced the
horse brilliantly and let the front-runners wear themselves
down. Kassandra DiMaggio rode a good ride - overtaking the
two horses in front of her when she saw the opportunity, but
in turn John was able to do the same to her when her horse
needed the extra couple of minutes to pulse down at Lower

My question is wondering how much of that type of strategy
is a gamble, hoping the horses ahead will wear themselves
down? Does he also keep an eye on the other horses ahead to
see how they look and adjust his ride accordingly? Or does
he just ride his own ride on the day? Either way, it was
fascinating to watch.

> I know it goes without saying, but I find it remarkable how
> his horse traveled so far and did so wonderfully.
> For me, it speaks very highly of the astute care and consideration
> Heraldic receives from John Crandall III and anyone else who
> might be associated with him.

Not to mention that John's #2 horse, Saba Sams, came in 10th
(ridden by Bob Spoor, who was going for his 10th buckle) and
was only 25 mins behind John at 63 miles at Michigan Bluff.

John brought both these two horses to Tevis last year. He
rode Saba Sams while past-Tevis-head-vet, Jamie Kerr (in a
panic after his horse was lame at vet in on Friday) rode
Heraldic at the last minute.

This year, both horses looked outstanding and Saba Sams was
one of the perkiest of all the horses that showed for best
condition Haggin Cup.

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Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
elsietee AT foothill DOT net
Repotted english person in the Sierra foothills, California
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