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[RC] List attitudes - David LeBlanc

Karen said

I am..........very disappointed by some of the many 
"attitudes" I have observed on this list.  Sheesh, if folk 
are this testy over the internet, what are they like in real 
life?  Why would I want to enter a sport where the 
interpersonal relationships are so .......... poor.  Do I 
want to be on the trail with individuals who might consider 
me an obstacle to over come or a burden to bear?  What if I 
made a mistake?  A tactical error?  A trail etiquette faux 
pa?  Me thinks someone would say "off with her head".  If I 
were to do a 100, I would hope that the "spirit of the sport" 
would be better than the spirit of cyberspace seen here.

I have been dealing with newsgroups and mailing lists on the internet since
about 1992. I used to make a habit of posting to some groups that were
primarily about debate and were very contentious. At one time, I
monitored/moderated a mailing list with about 1000 members. In all those
years, I've never seen a crankier bunch than this one. Only time I've seen
worse was when alt.fan.rush.limbaugh got crossposted with soc.feminism. I
wish John and Steph had time to really moderate this list, but knowing what
that takes, it isn't practical. The most benign things turn into flamewars.
I have to wonder how many people are put off the sport over this.

Now that said, a real-world ridecamp is a completely different place. I've
also never seen a competitive sport where people were friendlier and more
helpful. I've had the experience of someone running top-10 stopping to help
me out, losing 3 places in the process. If someone needs help, there's
always people there to help out. I don't completely understand why the real
ridecamp seems to be full of great, nice people, and the list is so
intolerably cranky (maybe because we're not out riding - it's worse in the
winter). I wish people here would be nicer, which is why I tend to stick to
our regional mailing list, and not read this one as often.

It's also true that in general, people are nicer in real life - there's no
chance of being popped in the nose on the Internet. It's also much more
difficult to communicate without tone and facial cues - people take things
the wrong way a lot more easily.


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] Why not 100's?, Karen Everhart