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[RC] Why not 100's? - Karen Everhart


I like this thread much better than the ad nauseum banter between the experienced but apparently polarized participants. This I see as productive, the other would be more fruitful in personal posts or in a Board room.

So, here I go:

Why I haven't done a 100?

I have over 2500 competitive miles on this horse and nearly 1000 on her predecessor. I do not have a back up, though I do have a youngster that I will be starting this fall. I want to preserve my mares longevity and I consider 100 miles a true test. I haven't decided that I am willing to risk injury or, worse, death for my desire to pursue the ultimate distance challenge at this point.

I have a life outside of my distance passion that (like many folk) requires most of my time, including time that I would like to use for my recreational pursuits (i.e. distance training/competing) so I am limited to what I can accomplish and preparing for a 100 is time consuming.

I am getting older each day and fatter after a car wreck that totaled my knee, requiring a total knee replacement. I was a long distance runner prior to the accident so was never intimidated by running or tailing. Now I could do neither successfully except at a walk which could eat up too much time in a 24 hour race. BUT, I still aspire to complete a 100, and fully intend to do so, with Tevis as my ultimate challenge.

I am..........very disappointed by some of the many "attitudes" I have observed on this list. Sheesh, if folk are this testy over the internet, what are they like in real life? Why would I want to enter a sport where the interpersonal relationships are so .......... poor. Do I want to be on the trail with individuals who might consider me an obstacle to over come or a burden to bear? What if I made a mistake? A tactical error? A trail etiquette faux pa? Me thinks someone would say "off with her head". If I were to do a 100, I would hope that the "spirit of the sport" would be better than the spirit of cyberspace seen here.

The gas prices are killing everyone. I would have to travel quite a distance to find a 100.

So, concern for my horse, time, money, health and a feeling that I might not be welcome would be the only things keeping me from completing the task.

Karen Everhart MEd. President- Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc. email: President@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx www.rainbowmeadowsranch.com

Owner/Operator Horse Calls LLC
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[RC] Why not 100's?, David LeBlanc