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RE: [RC] Why not 100's? - Rae Callaway

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Subject: [RC] Why not 100's?

I hate to interrupt the regularly scheduled flame-war with something less
controversial, but the question has been asked - why do people not do 100's?

All I've seen so far is a bunch of really experienced riders who can't
figure out why there is a decline. Why not ask those of us who haven't done
it? Maybe there's some answers there.

So I'll go first - why I haven't done a 100. My horse and I have almost 2000
miles together, and we've done 4 2+ day rides, one 3 days for 160 miles. I
think we could do a 100. So why not?

**** For me, the main issue is that work and family obligations keep getting
in the way of training.  This is primarily why I haven't even moved up from
LDs.  My company merged with another last year and it's been a lot of
overtime since then and just keeping up with the basic chores has been a
hassle.  Now, I find myself so out of shape that I don't even think I could
finish a 25 and still be able to walk afterwards.
 A 100 is something that I think I'd like to do, but FEI definitely is NOT
a draw.  I am not a racer, so international competition does not appeal to
me at all.  So, Angie's medallion program is more of an appealing concept
since it rewards longevity.

Tall C Arabians - Central


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[RC] Why not 100's?, David LeBlanc