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Re: [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - Truman Prevatt

Jody Rogers-Buttram wrote:

/Either the AERC is serious about preserving the 100 mile ride for non-FEI interest or not. From what I have seen over the past 3 years - we've been talking about this for over 3 years - they are not./ Maybe this is something of a regional affect. For instance, the bunch out west, the PS and the West regions that have adopted an incentive program seem to be having tons of success. So, if AERC is not going to focus on the 100, looks like the regional groups may have to. And that is what you have attempted to do. But, the program is not being welcomed because of the joining the endurance with the CTR. If it is going to create such discord now, why not listen to what the general membership says. The last thing that we need is to run off what few 100 mile riders/horses we have in the SE. I see that happening. People are not going to join SERA if they are going to have to pay extra for the joint SERA/SEDRA membership. Plus, the idea of the CTR miles being counted in the 100 mile program is a step toward counting any miles less than 50 in a day. That could include LD. What difference is there between the two??? Both could be used for building up to a higher distance. Do we want to let LD miles count toward the 100 mile program???? I know I don't. The 100 miler rides will die off like you said, and we 100 mile riders will be going to other regions to get our 100's and joining their clubs.

The experiment is being run out West. The numbers are not in yet. It will take a couple of years to determine the effect. A theory is only as good as the experimental validation of said theory. Give it three years and see what happens.

As far as merging CTR and endurance, it is done quite regularly in the NE (ECTRA) and FL (SEDRA which is quite similar to ECTRA). The FL riders account for a large number of our endurance miles in the SE. FL normally has at least 3 one day 100's in a season. In FL I would say that CTR and endurance is merged. It works quite well. In some respects most (but I am sure not all) of the endurance riders from FL started out at SEDRA CTR's.

Last year at one CTR I attended, I looked around and a majority of the people there were the same as you see at endurance rides. The ride manager of that particular CTR was Pat Thomas who managed the Goethe ride (one of the SE 100 mile rides) just a month prior. Cindy Bell, Darlene Krell, Roxanne Cicone and Steve Rojek are in the SEDRA hall of fame. None of these riders are slouches when it comes one day 100 mile rides or AERC miles. In a large part of the region the two sports are intertwined and the two sports feed each other. This program is a recognition of that and an attempt to bring new people up through the ranks to step up to riding longer distances for the benefit of both.

The 3 day 100 mile CTR is a challenge in its own right. Nothing teaches pacing better than such a ride.

I see no conflicts at all. We should be working together - it is in all our own best interest. There is nothing worse than the us vs. them mentality you sometimes see between CTR and endurance. That is not good for either sport.

May I remind you Jody, that you did vote for the combined program with SEDRA when it was surfaced before the SERA BOD. That was time for this discussion.



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Re: [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments, Jody Rogers-Buttram