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Re: [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - Joe Long

On Tue, 08 Aug 2006 10:53:49 -0400, Truman Prevatt
<tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The 3 day 100 mile CTR is a challenge in its own right. Nothing teaches 
pacing better than such a ride.

I see no conflicts at all. We should be working together - it is in all 
our own best interest. There is nothing worse than the us vs. them 
mentality you sometimes see between CTR and endurance. That is not good 
for either sport.

Well, I'm missing something here.  Maybe you can enlighten me.  How
does an award program that makes no distinction between one-day 100's,
two-day 100's, and three-day 100's -- that treats them as equivalent
-- promote one-day 100's?  Particularly the three-day 100's, which, at
40/40/20 miles per day, don't even go an endurance distance on any

You say a three-day 100 is a challenge in its own right.  Well, yes,
I'm sure it is.  However, let's keep it in perspecitve:  it is less
than a three-day multiday, which at least is 50 miles or more each
day.  Can you really claim that a three-day 100 is as much of a
challenge as a three-day 150?  But a three-day 150 is not the same as
a one-day 100.

If it's like so much we've seen over the last decade or two, it will
drive down attendance at one-day 100's as people seek out the easier
way to get their "100 Mile" blanket.

IOW, this looks like another example of what I consider the most
damaging trend in the sport of endurance riding:  the constant
offering of more and more awards for doing less and less, so that more
and more people can "feel good" about having won some award (without
doing the actual work of earning it).  That may be appropriate in
childrens soccer, but not for a sport that was built on taking on a
real challenge and meeting it.

Joe Long


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