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RE: [RC] Commute - Hybrid Vehicles - Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk

The other thing to keep in mind with a hybrid is that the “electric” part only works in the stopping/starting modes.  So if the commute is on freeway or high speeds, you’re using gas, not electricity.  We live 45 miles from jobs and have looked at hybrids.  Not for us…we drove Geo/Chevy Metros for years. 




Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk

584 Romie Howard Rd.

Yoncalla OR 97499


866-241-1531 (toll-free)


A few months ago, my husband and I relocated to a new home way out in the country.   We did this so that I could have direct access to trails without having to trailer out.  My husband's commute to work almost doubled;  it went from 17 miles to 30 miles (and yes, I love him very much for making this sacrifice for me!).   He is an office worker so he goes to work 5 days a week.  We're looking into buying a hybrid car for him.   Our current car gets about 20 MPH.  We're very excited about the hybrid; it generally gets 60 MPH!   But we have no experience with hybrids.   I was shocked to learn that the Toyota Prius doesn't even have a transmission!  Do any one you know of a website or any other resource that I can research these vehicles?  If you have a personal experience with them, I would love to hear that too.  
Thanks for your help!

Re: [RC] Commute - Hybrid Vehicles, Don Huston