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[RC] Commute - Hybrid Vehicles - rides2far

Heard someone say on the radio that you have to replace the battery every
few years and it's something like $5,000!  That's strictly hearsay. Maybe
someone else on here knows. 

The school where I work is 10 miles from home. Josie attends there too so
up until now we've ridden together. Bad part of that is I get off at 2:15
and she has ball practice till almost 5. This year she finally has her
license and we were looking forward to driving seperately. Unfortunately,
I gave her my Toyota and that puts me driving a 3/4 ton truck an extra
100 miles a week. :-(  So, (this will kill her)  My plan is when the
weather is decent I'll ride in with her with my bike on the bike rack. 
After school I'll pedal home, need the workout anyway.  She'll find that
humiliating, but I already have that sort of reputation at school and it
gives us gas to take the horses somewhere on the weekend.

It's just about hit the point where people are actually considering
carpooling. Has your husband checked into that possibility?  Chattanooga
has a good free electric bus service in the city so if you can make it to
one of their parking lot/stations in a carpool you're set.

I've got to recruit one more endurance rider locally so I can split the
gas to rides!  My oldest daughter's friends have simply started sleeping
at each other's houses. If my house is closer to where they work, they
just stay over till morning. I swear, they keep their whole wardrobes in
their vehicles. The boyfriend has slept on our couch so many times Bill
thinks we've adopted him. >g<

P.S. I'd really sit down and do some math to make sure there would be
overall $$ savings. I need to do the same to see if getting myself
another small car would actually improve my savings once I insure it, buy
tags, etc. As cheap as I am I may become a great bike racer.

Angie McGhee


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