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RE: [RC] Safety re: Biothane headstalls and tack - Sharon Levasseur

Ditto, Zephyr once broke the halter ring out of a brand new biothane halter when
he pulled back.  Thank God he didn't make a habit of that.
-Sharon L.

Quoting Sarah seashols <sarah.seashols@xxxxxxxxx>:

Good biothane workmanship will break at the stitching when it needs to - I
just sent my sidepull bridle back to Sportack for repair because my gelding
pulled back when he panicked, and it broke at the stitching, releasing him.
(Lesson learned - don't use expensive halter bridles as everyday halters,
unless you have money to burn!)


Queso (that flyspray was really scary!)



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Subject: [RC] Safety re: Biothane headstalls and tack

Coming out of the shadows here...  I like biothane/Zilco for the ease of
keeping, but I always choose leather for safety reasons... if my horse ever
dumps me and takes off, at least he has a better chance of survival  if he
has leather on.

The leather bridle will snap if he gets caught on something, vs.
indestructible biothane that will just keep him standing there forever...
the leather reins will break if he steps on them, vs. the biothane that will
break his jaw before they would break... and at least one leather off billet
(western saddle) that will break and allow the saddle to fall off if he
should get caught up in something. Biothane/Zilco just won't break, which is
part of it's appeal, but also it's downfall.

Back to lurking -- Dana

Dana Humphrey @  OnSite Transport

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RE: [RC] Safety re: Biothane headstalls and tack, Sarah seashols