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Re: [RC] Commute - Hybrid Vehicles - Sky Ranch

Waaaay back in 1979, I bought a brand new VW Diesel Rabbit, 5 speed.  It
would get MINIMUM 40 mpg city driving and would go 80 mph all day long on
the highway, and still get 50 mpg.  It was a great car.  It wasn't very
expensive.  It wasn't sporty, either, no great acceleration -- but it would
go 80+ mph on the highway, no problem.

In 1983, I bought a brand new Honda Civic 1300 FE, which I believe was rated
as the highest mpg vehicle -- it got 40 mpg around town, and would easily
get 50 mpg on the highway -- and it was zippy.  Ran on gas, not diesel.
Lots of acceleration.  It was a 5 speed, 2 door hatchback.  I paid cash for
it, around $6500 if I remember correctly.  Wish I still had it, also!  After
that I bought a more "sporty" Honda CRX-HF another 2 door hatchback.  It
also got around 45 mph average.  I believe it was around $6000 or 7000, I
don't remember.

Now, the reason I mention all these vehicles is -- these were all available
more than 20 years ago, and affordable at the time!!  WHY is it that today,
we're talking about paying $25,000+ for vehicles that only get 35 mpg, or
so.  And the manufacturers boast about that!  Woo hoo, big deal.

As far as EPA estimated gas mileage, how you drive makes a huge difference.
I usually got higher mpg than the EPA rating, because I hated to spend money
on gas -- yet, I loved to drive fast, also.  If you always accelerate
quickly, you're going to have lower mpg than if you drive smoothly, even at
high speed.

Just my two cents worth.  I hate spending money on gas, I'd MUCH rather
spend it on horses, tack, and hay!

Carla Richardson


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RE: [RC] Commute - Hybrid Vehicles, Melissa Alexander