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[RC] OT - LQ electrical problem -- need answers - Karen Williams

I had living quarters put in my horse trailer over the winter, installed by Sierra.  It is powered by dual batteries which are charged by a) truck; b) plug in cord; or c) solar panel on roof.  At the last ride I went to, I noticed the power indicator kept dropping even though the days were bright and sunny.  Everything should have been fully charged.  Eventually the batteries ran down almost completely. 
My nice neighbor offered me her generator to get things going.  We plugged the trailer into the generator and nothing happened. The interior lights were still as dim as could be, obviously still running off the low batteries.  We kept it plugged in for quite awhile, but the batteries still did not recharge.
Finally, we hooked a trickle charger directly to the batteries, plugged it into the generator and got the batteries charged up.  So.... it appears that neither the solar panel nor the 110 connection were working.
The shop I take it to has had it for over a month now.  First they told me the batteries weren't holding a charge (they were if trickle charged); now they are telling me the inverter might be bad.  They are also telling me that all the lights and water pump run off the batteries only .. that the plug-in cord is only supposed to charge the batteries.  I thought it was like a dual system -- battery power and electric power.  If you had no batteries and plugged in the electric everything should work, right?
I'm soooooooooo confused at this point and am pretty sure the trailer shop hasn't a clue.
So ... can someone give me a short course on how LQ power sources work?
Karen Williams
Spotsylvania, VA