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[RC] loose stools - lumps - rides2far

Not a clue on lumps, but I spent $3000 on diarrhea last summer.
 It can become very serious and life threatening.  First thing to 
check is the  horse's temperature.  

First question. Has this mare had a foal and are you sure it's diarhea?  

I bought back a mare that I had sold in foal the year before sight
unseen. (This was when I supported my stay at home status with a little
trading of beginner horses).  When I picked her up she looked a little
rough but had recently weaned the foal. Her tail was a mess, kinda
sticky. The next day I had her out grooming her and she coughed and urine
shot out about 6'!  That explained the yukky tail. I called my vet, who
happened to be the vet for the woman I'd bought her back from and he told
me they had been treating her "over the phone" for diarhea for a while.
She'd been given probiotics & stuff. When I told him it was urine because
I'd *seen* it he was like "OH!! That explains it!"  He said pregnant
mares are prone to getting a sort of pocket in their urinary tract that
collects urine, then a cough would expell it.

I said, "What do we do?" and he said "Cure the cough!"

So...there's one more thing you can check for. Wouldn't that be a fun
horse to ride in tight quarters in the dusty start of Tevis?  No red flag



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