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Re: [RC] hydrogen boost for improving fuel economy 50%? - Lynn Kinsky

Title: Re: [RC] hydrogen boost for improving fuel economy 50%?
OK guys...heard a program on the radio about using hydrogen to boost gas and diesel MPG. Is this a hoax or is it a viable enhancement given our gas prices right now. Any of you scientists out there know anything about this?
Here's the website it cited: http://www.hydrogen-boost.com/

The reports from various sources, is that there is a small savings from the addition of hydrogen  to the fuel mixture - about 15%.  At current prices that's about 50 cents a gallon.  It would take 1600 gallons to pay for it.   Also, its a significant additional stress on the battery and generator.  I suspect it would shorten their life somewhat.

Much greater fuel savings would come from changing driving habits.  No lead foot.  No jackrabbit starts.  No high speeds. Well inflated tires.  Keeping engine correctly tuned. Taking advantage of down hill to increase speed.  Allow speed to fall off while going up hill.  Keep a steady pressure on the gas peddle - don't pump.  Drive in anticipation of conditions ahead so as to minimize the use of brakes.  Use the highest gear possible.  And last but not least, don't use your vehicle unless its absolutely necessary.  Obviously when you are not using it, you aren't consuming any gas.  The good thing about this approach  is it doesn't cost anything except paying attention to what you are doing as you drive.

If you have poor diving habits, the device won't help much.  If you have good driving habits, you don't need it all that much.  Its just one more complicated technological device that can go wrong.  I plan to give it a pass.


 Lynn Kinsky, Santa Ynez, CA

[RC] hydrogen boost for improving fuel economy 50%?, Susan & Jerry Milam