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Re: [RC] hydrogen boost for improving fuel economy 50%? - Sisu West Ranch

"...The reports from various sources, is that there is a small savings from the addition of hydrogen  to the fuel mixture - about 15%. ..."
Now this "device:" makes the hydrogen and oxygen by electrolyzing water.  This process is not 100% efficient, so you will have lost at least 10% at the generator.  The production of electricity in an alternator is also not 100% efficient.  I will guess we are now down to 80%.  Now comes the big loss.  An internal combustion engine is quite inefficient.  I would guess around 25% (If I remember my thermodynamics 40% is about the theoretical maximum, and is only approached in large constant output situations.).  This leaves us with about 20% of the energy in the fuel used actually left in the hydrogen and oxygen added to the intake manifold.
In general there is no such thing as a free lunch.  In addition as much as we would like to find that the "big oil" or "big auto" companies have been suppressing something that will make cars/trucks more efficient, it just ain't so.
When I was a kid there were "urban legends" about the 200 mpg carburetor that had been suppressed by "big oil". 
Note that the web site has "testamonials".  Testimonials only prove that you can fool some of the people all of the time.
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[RC] hydrogen boost for improving fuel economy 50%?, Susan & Jerry Milam
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