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Re: [RC] Horse Branding - Truman Prevatt

The reason I say visible ID's won't work well has nothing to do with cool new technology. The system has to be supported by a database - hence data entry and data integrity become a significant requirement. With the chip, a reader can easily be built that will transfer the data automatically to a computer. There will be no issue about interpretation or no need for someone to read a freeze brand correctly and manually enter it. With the new generation of RFID chips a scanner can scan a large number of horses at the same time and sort out the ID's and pass them on to the computer. These are the same chips that are going to eventually be put on everything in the a store (Walmart is pushing this concept but all will follow) and all you have to do is roll your cart past the scanner and it sorts it out.

The chip just makes more sense for a system that depends on reliable data to function.


Sisu West Ranch wrote:
Since chips are cool new technology, and are being used in some states now, they will probably win. I just like the visible marks for theft deterrent.

By the way, if the thief is sophisticated he can locate the chip, crush it and then insert a new one. No method is perfect. It should be possible to obliterate and make a Kyro Kinetics freeze mark unreadable, but the coding system is such that it would be extremely difficult to make it look like a different mark.


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