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Re: [RC] Horse Branding - Truman Prevatt

Sisu West Ranch wrote:
"...It sounds like a fright train coming and will be very difficult to stop..."

I'm not worried about stopping the train. Here we need more effective equine disease and movement control. MT talks a good game, but really does little. My guess is that when things hit here, chips will not be the only acceptable method. I like the idea of having a very visible ID because it makes theft just a bit harder.
Chipped animals are easy to track via an electronic database. Scan the chip, input the number - done. Visible ID's have their place but they won't cut it for what the USDA is trying to do as I understand it. The USDA has already contracted for and has the databases in place (www.globalvetlink.com is the one my vet uses). All information related to my horses are there. Every health certificate I have had in the past 4 years is there. All my coggins are there. The way the system will work is when I stop at the ag station in FL, they will scan my horse. Up will pop my horse's info along with a picture. They can quickly verify the horse is the one in the database. On I go with my entry or exit out of FL recorded. It is suppose to work similarly all over the US. And yes when Japan won't export meat unless it can be tracked - it will get people's attention.

One of the FL ag law enforcement officers told me that in FL they are eventually going to have the ability for any law enforcement to scan a horse, the ID passed through it's coms to the database and the information on the horse appear in the squad car - just as happens when they poke in your license number or drivers license number. That will sure be a good way to minimize animal thief. If we had chipping in place when Andrew hit South FL in 1992, there wouldn't have been over a thousand horses displaced with no ideal who they belonged to or where they belonged.

I am sure there are some states that are going to bitch about it but from all I see it's coming.



"The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth." Niels Bohr -- Nobel Laureate, Physics


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