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Re: [RC] beet pulp sweet feed - Cora

Tracy....where in Texas are you getting this? or who manufactures it?...Cora( near Austin or San Antonio)
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Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 2:42 PM
Subject: [RC] beet pulp sweet feed

After Reading Bruce's post about beet pulp it made me feel like I have made the right decision with the beet pulp I feed my mare.
I found a feed called Summer Heat at my local feed store that is beet pulp based (you can see the shreds) but also contains a regular sweet feed with some molasses.  All combined the stuff looks and feels kinda like chewing tobacco...but my horses LOVE IT!
My feed store owner is the feed supplier to Lone Star Park and said that it is becoming very popular with his racing clients out there.
My older mare loved just regular soaked beet pulp but my endurance mare REFUSED it even if mixed with oil, applesauce, you name it...I tried it and she snubbed it.  But she gobbles this up.
I have also noticed that now that she's on it her energy levels have stayed more consistent during my training rides.  At Bluebonnet (first and only 50 we've done so far) she did "hit the wall" at about 35 miles and I was worried she'd not complete for a while but she ate like a pig at the holds and finished fine...but tired.  On the Summer Heat she seems to keep her energy levels more consistent with out the bigt highs and lows and I am thinking thats good right?
Only downfall to this feed is my older mare can't stand to see the younger one eat it if she doesn't get any.  We went camping this past weekend and took both of them and the campground had side by side pens and Kaahli the older horse gets senior and Amira gets the Summer Heat....well Kaahli (who gets some summer heat now and then as a treat) REFUSED to eat her equine senior, but gobble up the Summer Heat.  My stepdaughter even tried mixing the two and that crafty old mare picked out the sweet stuff and left the Sr! 
Tracey (in Texas and praying for more of the blessed rain that is promised to us)

[RC] beet pulp sweet feed, Tracey Smith