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[RC] questions about beet pulp - sherman

I can’t comment about storage and mold ‘cause it’s very dry where I live. My horses have been getting beet pulp for a couple of years now. I started out soaking it overnight, then for only ½ day, then a couple of hours, now I just put it in the bucket with their other supplements, add water, stir & serve. I add about an equal amount of water as beet pulp. Some horses like more, some like less. There is no set rule, but if I add rice bran, I add more water as the bran is pretty gooey. A couple of my horses like it dry as well, so I’ll give them a scoop as a little treat sometimes.





Jennifer wrote:


Hi - my mare and I are conditioning to the point that she needs more

groceries and I'd rather feed beet pulp than grain. The problem is I've

never fed beet pulp before and I don't know anyone around me who does

either. I apologize for my ignorance - but I really need to ask some

questions about it. First - how much water am I supposed to soak it in? Does

it matter? Second - how do I check the quality? What does "good" beet pulp

look like and how will I know if it's "bad"? Third - how long can I store it

in a closed container in this heat and humidity? There's only one place I

can get beet pulp and they have to special order it for me, so I feel like I

don't have any control over the supply or the quality. It makes me really

really nervous, especially after the comments a week or so ago about moldy

beet pulp. Before now I've aways been able to monitor and control the

quality of everything my horses ate, so this is a new experience for me and

any help would be greatly appreciated!!