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Re: [RC] questions about beet pulp - Karen Everhart

I have used beet pulp as the mainstay of my herd's diet for years. It is great!!

- Always get shredded - not pelletted.
- I add 2-3 x as much water as beet pulp. Allow it to soak for a few minutes to an hour. If the water is warm/hot in the winter it will soak faster. In the summer, I add cool water and the ambient temps warm things up quickly.
- My beet pulp is dry with no clumps. The "shards" will be varied in size and a gray/green color with some darker pieces. It has a bit of dust because it is dehydrated. That is to be expected. The smell is.....perhaps a bit like hay but not fresh hay.
- I know there was a statement about mold recently BUT, in my experience, people who feed to cattle buy tons of product at a time and store for a long time in their huge storage bins which would possibly lead to mold developing. I buy 5-6 bags at a time. I have never discovered any mold in anything I have purchased. I thought the statement was perhaps taken out of context
- The dry beet pulp, if kept in a covered container, will last a long time. Once you rehydrate it, it will start to get rancid in warm temps fairly quickly. Feed fresh.
- About the longest I allow wet beet pulp to go before feeding is 3-4 hours (in warm weather) during my competitions as I generally rehydrate before starting the day and carry it wet. If it is cold during the night I will rehydrate with hot water and allow to cool through the night.

Try it, I think you will love it. I mix with a small amount of grain. Give your horses time to adjust to wet feed if you have not hydrated their grain before. Most horse owners think the time and mess of feeding wet feed is foolish but I can say that I have never had a colic or a choke with this protocol so that is enough for me!!

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First - how much water am I supposed to soak it in? Does it matter? Second - how do I check the quality? What does "good" beet pulp
look like and how will I know if it's "bad"?


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[RC] questions about beet pulp, Jennifer Adam