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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Small Acreage-MOW!!! - Debbie Kirchner

On 7/3/06, Val Nicoson <vnicoson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I wouldn't have thought to keep pastures mowed that often.  I would have thought that the horses would have kept it down well enough. 
So, how tall do you let the grass get before you cut it and how short do you mow it.

I also need to ask...what is mow deck??

Thanks everyone for the great advice...keep it coming ;-)

I mow every 2 weeks for sure.. this year it got away from me as I have been teaching summer school, so the horses were not allowed out there for any amount of time at all, honestly when my vet said to mow I almost fell off the chair too... but it really does keep the pasture weed free and the deep stuff short, helps with bugs too they seem to like the long grass, I use the lawn mower, and put it on high, I did not know about  a pasture mower deck...  it does go short when I use the lawn mower... I have a tractor too, but that is to high sometimes to get the grass short enough... I do not fertilize, I do drag the poop and compost, I spread that too... I am of the mind that horses eat way to much grass and need to MOVE MORE... so I wish my pasture had less grass, more rock and more HILLS for them to learn to negotiat...  I do plant very low sugar grasses, Timothy is one of them... I found out about it on safergrass .com

             Debbie in SE MN

         The Eagle shows the way....

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