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Re: [RC] [RC] [AERCMembersForum] As we wait for USEF Announcements - Jennifer Adam

I've stayed out of this discussion so far because I'm new to endurance and don't know the personalities and politics involved. I also have no desire to participate in international competition. BUT, I feel compelled to say that I am disappointed and disillusioned by the way this whole situation appears to be shaping up. I can only hope that I have missed some important nuances due to lack of experience. One of the aspects that first drew me to endurance was the individuality of the sport - I love the fact that people can condition, train, strategize, and prepare the way they see fit. I love that people can wear what they want, use whatever tack suits them, and ride whatever horse they enjoy. To me, the most important team in endurance is the one between the rider and the horse, followed closely by the team between the rider, vets, crew, and ride management. I realize that international competition is different and while I appreciate and support a team of American endurance riders, IMHO it is a mistake to expect those riders to conform to some "team" dynamic when it involves training and conditioning their own horses. Yes, I think a "team" coach is beneficial in guiding the riders and perhaps clarifying or improving their preparation for competition, but I personally can't stand the idea of a "permanent training facility" or an indoor arena for endurance! Good grief, to me endurance is about going outside and riding different trails and conditioning in different terrain. To me, one of the most important things about preparing for a ride is the ability to be flexible and to adjust your approach based on your own horse. What are they going to do next? Expect everyone in endurance to wear the same clothes, use the same tack, do everything the same? Shoot, if I was interested in a sport like that I would be riding around an arena in glittery show clothes with hoof polish on my horse instead of boots and a heart rate monitor! URGH!!!

Sorry - thanks for letting me blow off steam and dump my own 2 cents in the discussion -

Well, if this is the way we want to head with endurance riding.........
I guess if a few riders want to do it this way, more power to them, but leave me and most of us out of this. I think the really competitive world is a different world than most of us know and understand. To me, who is utterly non-competitive, it is so artificial and contrived. It smacks too much of the show ring, which is something many endurance riders have escaped from. But then....I'm not a good one to judge.


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Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] As we wait for USEF Announcements, Barbara McCrary