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Re: [RC] Do treeless saddles distribute weight properly? - Karla Watson

I've been riding with a Bob Marshall treeless saddle for 3+ seasons on several different horses. Never had any back issues. Get good scores on back at vets. I'm a heavyweight. Balanced riding is important so is having the right pad underneath. Don't let some people scare you. They are not for every horse and rider but they have worked successfully for many, many people, including FEI riders and many heavyweight division riders. Treeless saddles are VERY comfortable and I cannot imagine riding 50 miles without mine.
-----------Karla Watson/Oregon
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Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 12:44 PM
Subject: [RC] Do treeless saddles distribute weight properly?

Hi all -
Wellll...thought I had my perfect endurance saddle picked out, but now I'm
not so sure! Good grief, I never realized there were so many options and
possibilities!! I was planning to get a treeless saddle because I like close
contact and it seemed like it would be more comfortable for my horse, but
then I read some articles that said treeless saddles don't do an adequate
job of distributing a rider's weight. I've also looked at flexible tree
saddles, adjustable tree saddles, and custom fit saddles on traditional
trees. Then there's the choice between English and Western rigging. I'm
overwhelmed and confused! I learned to ride English and did a little
dressage and jumping. Right now I do probably half my riding bareback and
the other half in a traditional Western trail saddle. My saddle fits me
perfectly, but it feels bulky and doesn't fit my mustang as well as I would
like it to. She doesn't complain (yet!)  - but we haven't done 50 miles in
it, either!! I'm sure you're all sick of this subject, but if anyone has
some spare time I would appreciate some advice on what to consider when
buying a saddle?? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different
styles? Those of you with treeless saddles - do you like them?? Thanks so
much - sorry to be a pest, but you all are teaching me soooo much and I
really do appreciate it!!

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[RC] Do treeless saddles distribute weight properly?, Jennifer Adam