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[RC] Here's The Answer For Ya, Kristi! - dixie midnight

Kristi Schaaf wrote on Ridecamp on 5-23-06:

"Karl, do I dare
ride in just my saddle and the DM, with no other pad?
Will it absolutely positively keep sweat off my saddle
wool? Or should I tinker with a thin pad such as a
navajo to be safe? Thanks, Kristi"

The answer is:

This answer is a QUALIFIED "yes".

Nemme explain:

IF your saddle FITS your horse, and you unequivocably KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that your saddle fits your horse, then yes, by all means, you can surely ride with just a No-Sweat under your saddle. If your saddle doesn't fit -- well -- FIX it.

IF you're riding in really hot and humid weather, sometimes it's possible to get a smidge of evaporative sweat on your saddle pad. Not enough to even make the saddle pad damp, but it CAN be there, although it's a very rare occurance.

If that's a concern, jes' get one of those thin, inexpensive saddle blankets, and slap it up there. Your fleeces will never know, and you'll still have the close-contact that you were looking for.

My darling wife has ridden her Bob Marshall with just a No-Sweat since 1996. NO problems.

I ride my ancient Wade A-fork in just a No-Sweat now, and have for about 5 years, with NO problems. (I finally got the fit right.)

The tiny amount of dampness our fleeces get isn't even enough to stiffen any of the fleece. Even after repeated long (30-40 mile) rides in the Florida summers.

Hope that answers your question!

Karl Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pads http://www.dixiemidnight.com Come see us!


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