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[RC] selenium toxicity - Dean A. Conti

Our horses get a selenium yeast supplement based on data gathered from several blood tests. We use the yeast based supplement because it has been reported there is a lower chance of a toxic reaction. It is my understanding from talking to several Vets that the standard published selenium range limits are a little low. My suggestion would be to do a full blood workup and then consult with your Vet or your regional Vet school. Selenium isn’t the only variable you should be looking at.

 IMHO you need good data to make a sound decision.



From: "Alice Yovich" <ayovich@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: [RC]   selenium toxicity

I have been treating my mare with selenium at the advice of an alternative medical practioner. We didn't do blood work and based on her EPM dx, it was supposed to help improve her muscle function. She's had some other lameness issues and I'm wondering if those could be due to selenium. I did pull it from her diet and she seems better, but I don't know how quickly an improvement would be made from NOT supplementing selenium. Anyone have any words on this subject?