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Re: [RC] Analyzing Home Made Electrolytes. - Sisu West Ranch

"....Now...they also give Chloride numbers. Where do you get the Chloride
numbers? If Sodium Chloride is salt, and they only give you the amount of
sodium in there...do you just figure the chloride is around?..."

Just some basic chemistry here. In any solid salt (not table salt, this refers to the chemists generic term) the Positive charges from the cations (from the metals) must exactly equal the negitive charges from the anions. If you are feeding a mixture of table salt (NaCl) for the Sodium and Potassium Chloride (KCl) for the Potassium, the amounts of Cl you will feed is fixed by the chemistry. You feed one atom of negatively charged Cl for each atom of positively charged Na or K. You can't, nor do you have to do anything, to compensate for the differing atomic weights of Na. and K.

For anyone who is interested the numbers follow:
Na  = 22.991 grams/mole
K   = 39.096 grams/mole
Cl   = 35.457 grams/mole

NaCl (table salt)  is:  35.457/(22.991+35.457) x 100 = 60.66 % Cl
KCl (Potassium chloride) is 35.457/(39.096+35.457) x 100 = 47,56 % Cl

Note: a gram mole is 6.023 x 10^23 atoms of the material. (10^23 is a short hand for saying add 23 zeros to the number)

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[RC] Analyzing Home Made Electrolytes., rides2far