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[RC] the "old" days ? - Mom Alexander

I've been seeing a lot lately about overhydration and the use of elytes and IV's etc.,
 and at first I was very concerned and thought about how I've been using elytes.  It made me think back to 1979 (yes, I'm that old), my first endurance ride.  I was in my late teens, I was riding a 21 year old Standardbred that I had been doing 3 day eventing on for years and decided to give endurance a try.  We didn't have heart monitors (or at least the group I was with didn't have access to them), we didn't use electrolytes (except in our feed at the end of the ride), beet pulp was for cows,  we didn't load any carbs, we didn't have easy boots.......
we just rode our horses, watched them closely, carried our stethoscopes and a watch with a second hand (no digital watches yet),  knew how to check our horses hydration the old fashioned way, fed hay at every stop, let them drink as much as THEY wanted, and let them rest if they needed it........and that was the way it was.  I am just now getting back into it, and learning about all this new technology and using elytes and special feeds... it kind of scares me.  I know knowledge is a good thing and the horses now can go much  farther  and are in better condition, but I do long for the good old days.  I've decided to use parts of the new stuff and keep some of the old stuff until I feel more comfortable with it all.  (I'm getting some Epic boots, but I will not use elytes during a ride, however I will use beet pulp, but not a HRM...I'm staying with my trusty old stethoscope and watch, and I'm going to try to have fun and enjoy my horse.)  Don't get me wrong, I read everything and want to be up on the latest science has to offer, but until I truly understand it, I feel I can do more harm than good , and I would never do that to my horse.  There's an old saying.....A little knowledge is dangerous.....