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RE: [RC] alfalfa fed to endurance horses - Kristen A Fisher

This is a fantastic summation - a must read.
How I applied it - at home, my mare is on pasture and when I am at the barn I may give her a flake of alfalfa [3" thick maybe] that she then has to share with pasture mates. So it is more of a treat than a staple in her diet. At rides, she gets whatever she'll eat - if that's alfalfa vs. grass hay, fine.
Kristen in TX

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Subject: [RC] alfalfa fed to endurance horses

Where on the NATRC site are you talking about?  I don't see anything about not feeding alfalfa.
I think feeding grass hay is better, or a grass/alfalfa hay (that's mostly grass) but that's just my opinion.  In the winter, grass hay is much better at keeping horses warm.
Carla Richardson
<<Anita wrote:
What is the general rule for feeding alfalfa to endurance horses.  I am still just doing LD's but I do feed my mare alfalfa, not a lot, about 1/4 flake once a day.  I was just on NATRC site and they were talking about not feeding alfalfa to distance horses.  I know everyone has their own way to feed, but what is the general consensus.>>

[RC] alfalfa fed to endurance horses, Sky Ranch