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Re: [RC] Another lost shoe--AARGH--advice needed despite Ti's cautions... - Mary Krauss

Yep. I meant to send an earlier reply to a similar suggestion to Ridecamp. There's a time and a place for everything, regardless of one's foot-wear religion! We're not training hard cuz he's too fat. I can choose easy footing. No reason to fight everything at once. The farrier suggests we try putting on this shoe one more time (he just attended a clinic that gave him a new idea to try), but then agrees we might as well go barefoot for the winter (and save the pastures a bit of wear and tear at the same time). We both hate to "waste" a shoeing that's only a few days old so want to see if we can get this set to last and get a feel for what might work well later. Then their feet will get a few months off (or "on" depending on how you see it). :-)

p.s. general apologies for forgetting to trim the past two posts. Ugh. Please don't yell at me.....

On Monday, October 24, 2005, at 07:31 AM, Vallonelee@xxxxxxx wrote:

If his feet are really good, could you forego shoes until he gets to a fitness level where he is doing more work - and hopefully has the weight and saddle fit issues under control also?


Re: [RC] Another lost shoe--AARGH--advice needed despite Ti's cautions..., Vallonelee