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Re: [RC] what to do with horses after owner dies - Laney Humphrey

I agree that any pet owner should take on the ultimate responsibility and make a plan for the animals they leave behind. However, IMHO, whatever is done should be with the animal's best interest foremost, and that sometimes means euthanasia. I feel sorry for the husband because he is still grieving, but his wife is no longer around and the animals are. I'm sure she would not want them abandoned or neglected either. To me, putting an older, foundered horse down is far preferable to allowing it to be neglected and to die a slow and painful death.

Kathy Kelly wrote:
An elderly neighbor's wife died last week, she had 2 older horses, a qrtr horse and an arab, that she cared for. He is unable to care for them, but he doesn't want to euthanize them becuase he knows his wife wouldn't have wanted that.
One horse is an older arab. The qrtr horse has foundered at some point. I haven't seen either of them, but am trying to help out a friend who has promised to help place the horses with a rescue or? We're in N AZ, I know there are rescues in PHX, but I doubt these 2 could take the heat at their age. From what I've heard it would be best to put the qrtr horse down, but the arab would probably do OK with some care. Sigh, I sure wish that people would have plans on what to do with their pets when they die.
Kathy Kelly
Parks AZ
Kathy Kelly
reallykk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:reallykk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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[RC] what to do with horses after owner dies, Kathy Kelly