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[RC] "Wry tail" - Kathleen

Title: "Wry tail"

My  6 yo mare has rubbed her tail off twice.  Both times it was gnats causing her to have sweet itch. 

I have her on apple cider vinegar (I cup top dressed on her beet pulp) and I tbs of minced garlic daily.  It really helps keep the gnats away from her.  I have experimented with her on and off the regimen in the last year and it does make a difference.

If she starts to itch I treat her whole dorsal and ventral lines with Listerine (she likes itan old race horse trainer told me to try it. I use the super cheap generic brand)

If it is really bad she gets benedryl.

Also, earlier this summer she was starting to itch and not responding to her regular treatments.  I did a Panacur Purge (double dose of panacur for 5 days in a row) just to be sure she wasnt wormy  (she grew up in a large herd situation until she was 5).  On the second day she quit itching and didnt itch for a couple months might be worth a try.

The purge did not seem to make her feel badI watched her very closely.

Not sure about the carriage of your mares tailI havent ever seen that.