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Re: [RC] Neglected Arab - Karla Watson

I've rescued a couple so far. Careful worming too much in the beginning. They could die as those worms will release toxins when they die and if she has a whole bunch of them, it could cause her serious problems and/or death. They will colic easily. I was told that when I did research on what to feed/care for a rescued/thin horse. I was also told that alfalfa is fine in moderation. Many small meals were better than 2 big ones. Hay out all the time and I fed a 1/2-1/4 flake of alfalfa 4x day. Started out slow, then worked up to more. Beet pulp and some grain in small amounts several times a day.
Worming I did 1/4 the normal amount every 5-7 days for awhile, maybe 1 month as I recall. Don't want to kill all the worms at once! Take part of the population out slowly. I wormed one once that I only did a 1/4 of the amount and I think about 500 worms came out in his manure the next day! I was glad I only partially wormed as he was not looking good that next day. I slowly got quite a bit more out and he gained weight very quickly. I would say he was normal within 1 month. I can't remember the exact amounts I wormed/fed but rescue groups have all the information. Call a rescue group right away and ask what they do. They are very good at getting weight on without risking problems and they will tell you about the worming part. Your vet will probably be very good with advice here too. Good luck.
--------Karla Watson/Oregon
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Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 3:36 PM
Subject: [RC] Neglected Arab

This is not endurance related, but this group has the most knowledge to
answer my question.
If this e-maail does not make it through, I will understand.
I purchased a 16-20 year old arab mare yesterday at an auction.  She was in
a meat pen, and extremely thin.  Her eyes are what got to me, they are so
large and kind. Also her ears tip in so much, the tips touch.
She is about 13.3-14h, and her leg below the knee measures at 7".
Now here is my question, how much weight does anyone feel she could carry
once her weight is up to par?  Right now she weighs, according to a weight
tape, 550 lbs.
I am just wondering if I would be able to trail ride her eventually, or
maybe my daughter, or should I prepare myself to sell her i n the spring?
It is just so hard after bringing a horse back that has been so badly
neglected, to sell them and not know what care they will recieve.



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[RC], Julie Fuller
[RC] Neglected Arab, Belinda Romanuski