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[RC] - Julie Fuller

From: heidi larson <ribbitttreefrog@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]    (ear pinning)  Julie Fuller

Not a vet, but Julie has some good examples of what ear pinning can do to your scores!! Hey Julie!!!! We need you here!


Nah, we need pictures of Rayna after ANY ride, training or other-wise.... then let the vets judge them. She should have gotten the "Sour Puss" award, permanently.

Rayna was one of those horses who was "on the job" under saddle, and "Off the job" when you took it off.... and she took her down time as seriously as her work. It didn't take me long to figure out that there was no way I'd ever get BC with her, just cuz of the sour, pinched faces she made. *grin* I'm certain it had to do with being half Appy.... they can be SO nasty! (Hey, no flaming. I adore Appy's, and IMO, and arab/appy cross is one of the best horses on the planet)

At most of the rides I did with Rayna, a vet would comment on her sour attitude. Most of the time, my friends would be around to tell the vet she was always like that... it was normal for her. I guess it would have been discouraging if I had been riding for points, but I didn't, so it was merely irritating. Mostly I thought it was funny.... Rayna gained quite the reputation as a bitch, but she was also admired for being a hell of a horse.

Thanks, Heidi. I needed the memories! *grin*


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