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Re: [RC] [RC] Horsepool for the Alabama Yellowhammer ride? - REVISED - gary affleck

Actually they have found an significant substance that reduces the sex drive in females.  The same substance has no effect on males..............                                                      Wedding Cake.                                               G.Affleck

Bette Lamore <woa@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The keyword here is "BOYFRIEND" ;-) Once a man crosses that marital threshold, I've found that there seems to often be a behavioral change-- (of course, that door swings both ways ;-)
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians
Home of Bunny and 16.2h TLA Halynov
who lives on through his legacy Hal's Riverdance!

Jo Ann Knight wrote:
> I'm not married and I don't think I want to be, but sure would like to find
> a man like that! One that rides too!
> Jo Ann
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> From: Karen Sullivan
> Date: 09/19/05 20:49:49
> To: Merryben@xxxxxxx; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Horsepool for the Alabama Yellowhammer ride? -
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> From: Merryben@xxxxxxx
> .My boyfriend power washes it and waxes it after every trip. He also washes
> the truck and trailer before a ride. I keep telling him it will get trashed
> but he says I just can't go to a ride with a dirty truck and trailer.
> *Man....where did you find this guy? Are there any more like him availalbe?
> I mean I'm married, but my husband has made it clear if I want any kind
> of "handyman" I better get a boyfriend on the side!
> Karen

Re: [RC] [RC] Horsepool for the Alabama Yellowhammer ride? - REVISED, Bette Lamore