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[RC] New Toyotas for hauling - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Sandra Walker sandrawalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or 

My husband works for Toyota as a GM. I've driven most all the Toyota models, 
including their trucks which I've used to pull my 2-horse aluminum BP fully 
loaded. I own a 1996 Ford 4-door short bed crew cab 4X4 diesel that I use to 
pull my 3-horse gooseneck aluminum around with 134,000+ and no problems. I've 
often wished that Toyota made the really big girly trucks because when it comes 
to quality and longevity Toyota is one of the best, IMHO of course. Well my 
wish is coming true. Hubby told me the other day that within 2-3 years or so 
(don't hold me to time exactly) Toyota will be offering all their cars and 
trucks in either a gas model or a hybrid model. And they are coming out with a 
line of big girly trucks with diesel engines to compete with Ford, Dodge, etc. 
But here's the best part: He told me that these big rig-haulin' trucks will be 
offered not only in diesel but in a gas hybrid engine that can out-tow a same 
sized diesel engine. I asked why then would Toyota make a diesel truck and he 
said "because people won't believe it". Now some of my buds believe this and 
some don't, but he's worked for them a long time and if Toyota says they can do 
it, he believes them. So when they arrive at the dealership one day in the near 
future you can bet your bell boots I'll be test driving one with my three 
biggest horses on the steepest hills I can find. No telling what these trucks 
will cost. I hope I don't have to own one for 20 years before it pays for 
itself in savings on diesel fuel! LOL

Sandra Walker

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