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[RC] what to do with the old horse - Carolyn Burgess

<<<The first thing I'd like to say to our guest with the old horse is DON'T WRITE A WHOLE MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS. It's hard to read and it's considered shouting!>>>
Thanks for saying that, Chris. 
I've lost two horses in the last few years.  One was a 14 y.o. Paint, who colicked and was not a surgical candidate.  The other was my first horse, a 30 something Standardbred mare.  She had Cushing's and the winter of 2002/2003 was just too hard for her and she gave up.  You should have seen what we did to keep the old girl going.  She got about 30 cups of soaked beet pulp, along with quarts and quarts of grain, rice bran and all the hay she would eat.  Time was just not on her side.  We also have a 22 y.o. Arabian gelding, also with Cushing's, who has a home with us for life.  With Cushing's, who knows how long that will be.  But based on attitude, it could be a while longer. 
I rode this guy at a "pleasure" ride in November and it took 5 miles to get the edge off of him.  He nearly yanked my arms out of the socket.  We have considered free leasing him to a friend, not because he is old and unwanted, but because she loves him and loves to ride him.  He has a home with us until the day he dies.
I listen to this woman talk about putting him down.  I would give anything to have another day with my Paint, both my husband and me miss him so much.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to rush the end.


Carolyn Burgess
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