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Re: [RC] Brand Inspections - Sisu West Ranch

I suspect that these various experiences have less to do with law and more to do with the normal behavior of (un)civil servants.

The US constitution has two provisions that effect things here one is the interstate commerce provision, and the second is the provision that each state must give full faith and credit to the laws of another state.

If both states have laws requiring title to automobiles, or brand inspection of horses, even a (un)civil servant can figure things out. When laws differ watch out. In the '60's I moved from MN to OH. No problem, I'll just go down to the court house and get my OH plates. At that time MN did not have separate automobile titles, just a registration card. It took me two hours and waiting in multiple lines before one of the officials bothered to look in the big book of auto laws and issue me an OH title and plates.

Now, in a brand inspection state one can argue that whatever papers you have from a non inspection state satisfy the laws of your home state to prove ownership, but since they are not official state issued documents an (un)civil servant may decide that you are wrong. When in the future the Feds get a national animal ID system working, either separately or with various state laws, the brand inspection states will have official paperwork (either paper or electronic, it doesn't really matter) to look at and verify. Paper work is what makes these people's days go around.

The MT Deputy Sheriff that I wrote about earlier today was one of these. He questioned why I was driving in MT with WI DEALER plates on my trailer. He would not accept that the letters "DR" on my plates did not mean anything. He took my truck and trailer registration papers back to his squad and called them in or just looked at them for 10 minutes before telling me that it was OK.

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