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Re: [RC] re: brand inspections - Jonni

Well, not sure how long ago it was that you traveled back "west" Truman. I'm
just sharing what we did on the XP rides in both 2001 and 2004. You of
course are welcome to make a run at it without the papers they ask you to
have.  And I'd hope anyone heading into another state, should not trust just
the word of what ever is posted here, but contact the states office
directly, and get the CURRENT requirements. I'd much rather have everything
in order, than be stopped, delayed etc.  I went into AZ from CA about 4
years ago, and they had a sign at the inspection station that said  "All
Livestock must stop". Well, I just went on past, and did not stop. They
chased me down, lights a flashing, and gave me a ticket for going past the
inspection station, even though all my papers were in order. They did not
care that I said "I'm sorry, I thought that sign meant cattle, not horses".
You just never know when some trooper is gonna have a bad day because he
didn't get his morning coffee, and jack around with you.

Most of the time when we pulled into inspection stations during the XP
rides, they just waved us through. Utah we had to stop and fill out some
sort of travel permit. He never looked at our paperwork on the horses. But I
think it was AZ last year, that he walked out, and looked in the trailer,
and each horse, made copies of all our paperwork, and sent us on our way.
And that was at about 5AM. Yep, they were open for business. A $15
inspection is a lot cheaper than the fines from a ticket if you break their
law, and they get a wild hair and decide to write you up. And easier than
dealing with it, and fighting or protesting it later. I know that I'd rather
spend my time riding, than fighting some ticket because I didn't have the
required paperwork for the state I was passing through. But maybe you have
more free time Truman <wink>.



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[RC] re: brand inspections, Jonni
Re: [RC] re: brand inspections, Truman Prevatt