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[RC] reply to Angie - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Lauretta tikitiki69@xxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

<Just curious. If it means a life in a 12x12 prison...why is he a

I have a couple of reasons that he is still a stallion.  Initially, it was out 
of respect for the woman who originally gave
him to me.  She had leased him to someone here in CA (she was in 
Arkansas) along w/ another stallion, who almost starved him to 
death.  When I found him, the person leasing him had about 16 
horses (they were later all confiscated by the SPCA) that she was
either 'training' or breeding, and they were all VERY skinny and
had bad hooves, etc.  My friend and I sent pix and emails to the
various owners of horses that were there, so that they could take action on the 
issue.  Long story short, the owner faxed me 
power of attorney to get the horse, and I was originally just 
going to get him up to weight to send back to her.  However, she
then offered to give me the horse, providing I didn't geld him.  He has great 
conformation, breeding and tempermant, so I agreed; in addition, I also want
to find a good mare to breed him to and get a foal.  As for his 
boarding, he is in a paddock (w/o grass) that is about 24 x 40 feet, and has a 
pasture of horses about 20-25 feet from him (he
has the corner pen next to the neighbors' property) and has two quarter horses 
in the next pens that are about 7-8 feet away (they
are buddies) so he is not isolated and can talk to everybody. I 
ride him (weather permitting) at least three times a week, one of
which is a long ride (15 - 25 miles up on the Tevis trail), so I
don't think he is 'in prison' or isolated as a lot of stallions 
are, and he gets a lot of exercise.  I don't want you to get the
idea that he is in some isolated pen and doesn't socialize or get
some kind of horse or person interaction.  It is just that where
the pasture grass is, the owners haven't had the money to upgrade
their fences, and so I can only let him eat there when I can be
there.  I think a 'prison' situation would be more for a horse (any horse)
that is put in a stall and left there, not a horse that has other
horses around and is ridden regularly, usually with other horses.
I hope this didn't come across as some sort of angry retort, just
sounded like you had this image of some poor horse stuck by him-
self all the time and suffering from herd deprivation <LOL>
Lauretta and Shaba (just did five hours on the Tevis trail yester
day and feelin' fine......)


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