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[RC] pellets making a horse hot - mkrumlaw

I would have two suggestions for horses loosing weight.  

The first is make sure they aren't wormy.  I've taken to putting any new 
horses on a worm purge program which includes 5 days of panacure and 6 
months of the strongid C 2X.  I do have to admit that I didn't come to 
this program by myself.  A very good friend of mine is a Vet and has her 
MS in Equine Nutrician.  She's spent the better part of 10 years 
beating "daily wormer is a good thing into my head." Long story short, I 
finally gave in and I've noticed a big difference in my horses since 
they've been on the daily and I now keep them on it. 

I've also found that I've not been able to add weight to horses in 
training by adding protein to their diet.  In fact in the early days when 
I tried this it caused other problems.  I have however had great success 
by lowering the protein in their grain and adding fat.  Though this can 
be done with a few different combinations, I've switched all of our 
horses to Purina's new product, Ultium with great success. IMO, wonderful 


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