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Re: [RC] A good working trot? - Truman Prevatt

They work great at 30 or above - set your cruse control at 5 to 10 mph and check it.


Karen wrote:

At 10:41 AM 2/24/2004, you wrote:

Might want to test your unit in your car first to calibrate it.

done that....use the GPS to the laptop when I travel in the truck. It's pretty amazing how accurate it is. I haven't been riding with one recently.....but maybe I should start back again!!!

I should also caution people that just because I said that some of the best multiday horses can and do trot at 14 mph or over, that there aren't that many that do that, we're only talking a handful, and those horses are in the hands of experienced riders and have been developed over many seasons to be able to work like that. I never let my own horse Rocky go at any kind of speed like that until he probably had more than 1200 miles (at least), and never have felt comfortable letting him do it often. That may be why he is approaching 7,000 miles. :-) I know when I go out on training rides that we trot at XX speed (whatever it is) because I've got measured trail and have ridden it a bazillion times. Yet, even tho I know I am at times trotting at a fairly fast rate, I only average about 5 or 6 mph for my overall speed. I have to work fairly hard to get an average speed that high! If I am feeling up to it, I can go out and gallop a lot of it and then my average goes up a bit but because of the couple of miles I spend walking to get to the trail and back (warmup and cooldown), it really makes my average much slower. One of the best training aids I've used in the past was the Suunto watch which would let me set a target zone for HR and I would then build up the horses to spend more time working in that zone, and think that worked best over miles, speed, etc. I found out how much I had to pay attention to actually keeping the working rate up for ten minutes or twenty minutes, and could increase it gradually. karen

Black care rarely sits behind a rider whose pace is fast enough ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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[RC] A good working trot?, Karen
Re: [RC] A good working trot?, Truman Prevatt
Re: [RC] A good working trot?, Karen